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Aliann T. O. Pompey
5 Feet 6 Inches
Just About Enough
9 March, 1978
Georgetown, Guyana
New York, USA
Joseph Ryan

I was born at Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana.  My parents, Leon Eric and Deborah did everything they could to make me believe they whole heartedly loved me. Including providing me with siblings: Allison, Delon, and Timothy.  Later, Gilbertine, Tyler and Joshua were added. I left Guyana as a teenager and visited every chance I got.  At the moment, I live, work, and play in New York.  I am unmarried, and plan to be until I do get married.

I graduated with a Master's Degree in 2003 from Manhattan College in Riverdale NY. I finished my Bachelor's in 1999 from the same school, both in Finance. Formally, I'm a Development Associate (fundraising, grant-writing, networking, PR, and community outreach).   I can be caught teaching, modeling (mostly fitness), writing, coaching, and consulting to put food on the table.










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